The Monster Project


Here are Tuka and Fluffy, two illustrations I recently created for The Monster Project this year. The Monster Project consists of giving artists and designers monsters drawn by young kids to reinterpret. The new monsters are then printed and given back to the kids as posters! This was coordinated by my coworker and friend Jonny Abowd and his wife, Laura who teaches 1st grade. This was inspired by, though not directly affiliated with, the official Monster Project which was a successful Kickstarter project in October 2015.

I created the monster Tuka for Cale with Procreate on iPad Air and an Adonit Script stylus. I highly recommend Procreate if you're looking for a really robust illustration app for your iPad or iPhone. One of the coolest features is its ability to create a time lapse of your illustration automatically. For a change of pace and style, Fluffy (the one who loves donuts) was created for Maddie with Adobe Illustrator CC.