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“Create a versatile, long-lasting, sustainable, portable concentrated heat source in order to eliminate waste and inspire environmentally friendly behavior, without comprising user lifestyle.”

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Flint & Steel


Coil Lighters


Arc Lighters



Research: Where is the missing link?

Arguably the most innate element of the universe, hydrogen, has astounding potential as an energy source.  Our sun is fueled by hydrogen; it combines two hydrogen atoms into one, creating helium.  Hydrogen is also easily accesible through electrolysis.  This is the process in which electricity is run through water; this process seperates water into hydrogen gas and oxygen.

Until recently , it was too dangerous to store hydrogen in high quantities, due to danger of combustion. Now, however, scientists have discovered a way to store hydrogen in a solid-state through metal hydrides. This eliminates any potential for accidental combustion.


Current Market: Pocket Lighters

While BIC and Zippo have claimed much of the market for low-priced pocket lighters but have not changed in many years, other companies have been innovating this space, looking for something new. In this four billion dollar market, in8 is looking to provide an affordable product while innovating and questioning everything that has been done in the past.


The Environmentally Conscious Adventurist

The marketing for this product will be geared toward environmentally conscious adventurists between the ages of 16 and 40 years old. This product should be very versatile, providing a wide range of functions to the user. It should also not comprimise anything when compared to an average butane lighter. The user experience when using the product should follow all principles of universal design, while keeping a simple, beautiful form.


How does it work?

Certain metal alloys have the unique ability to soak up hydrogen into thier structure when exposed to the gas. This creates a combination of the two, called a metal hydride particle. This technology allows us to store high quantities of hydrogen under very low pressure, in a solid state without any risk of explosion.



How do I use it?

Eve will remain lit for as long as needed, without having to hold down a button. Turn the cap again, it will snap back down onto the body.  The iconic red stripe communicates the valve is open and releasing gas.



Inside Eve:
The very first metal hydride lighter

Eve’s body contains a metal hydride tank which can store hydrogen in a solid state so that there is zero risk of explosion.  When the valve is opened the tank slowly releases hydrogen back into a gas and is lit ablaze with the spark of a flint. Every component of the Eve has been designed to be as simple as possible.



Philosophy of Eve

Every part of Eve, including the metal hydride tank, can be recycled very easily; this is something no other lighter on the market can claim. Eve also has no buttons and its interaction with the user has been boiled down to its simplest form. The tank is removable, allowing for multiple tanks to be used with one body, perfect for long camping trips.

Eve has no compromises when compared to any other lighter. It is more wind-proof, refillable, recyclable, sustainable, and runs on a fuel that can be produced right in your own home.


Fueling the fire


The vast majority of power around the world comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Whether it’s lighting your home, powering your air conditioning, or cooking your food, fire is the root of  our conveniences.  In8 has effectively created a fossil fuel free power source right in your own home with Eve’s refuelling station.

Eve’s refueling station houses a water reservoir and a hydrogen fuel cell which separates the water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis. This process refuels Eve over and over.


Water gives life to your Eve

Eve’s refueling station uses electricity to split water molecules into hydrogen gas and oxygen. This process is clean and can be run from solar power much easier than standard batteries.



Fire from water: How it works

Eve’s refueling station uses a hydrogen separator cell which runs electricity through water in order to create hydrogen and oxygen gases; this process is called electrolysis. The hydrogen is purified by ‘bubbling’ it through a separate chamber of water, then redirected into Eve’s tank. The oxygen produced in this process is the refuelling station’s only emmission. 



The dawn of Eve: What comes next

Eve is not just a lighter, it is a gateway, a foundation, and a new direction for things to come. The empowering ability to produce fuel at home using electricity and water can be applied to many different applications. In8 has a plethora of avenues to take, but one thing we know for sure, Eve is only the dusk before the dawn.



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